Why don’t women give engagement rings?

In most Western cultures men give women an expensive engagement ring as a signal of their commitment to them. The woman can then be more sure of the man ultimately marrying her, if he wasn’t sure he would be less … Continue reading

Why women should put the toilet seat up!

Guys are always being told that they should put the toilet seat down, but it’s actually fairer if women put it up occasionally! If you go to the toilet then the best situation is to find the seat in the … Continue reading

Why women go for bad boys

Because they just can’t help it! Perhaps I should explain… Have you ever found yourself attracted to someone that you just met? Your heart beats faster and you can’t get your words out. You can’t control this behavior, it is … Continue reading

Battle of the sexes: Threats get results

The basic problem Barack and Michelle trying to see the same movie at the cinema was the subject of a previous post. It was an example of a Battle of the Sexes game where Barack would rather see Horrible Bosses, … Continue reading

Why your husband is fatter than when you married him

In the past women have tended to be reliant on a man to support them and their family. Nowadays women are becoming more independent and less reliant on men. If we think of this in terms of strategies then woman … Continue reading

When to call after a first date

When to call after a first date is an eternal problem, but today I can reveal the answer. Let’s say that you have three options: 1 – call the next day; 2 – call after two days; 3 – call … Continue reading

Fight or flight?

If you are about to get into a fight and the other guy takes his shirt off should you worry or not? Let’s think about why he might be employing this strategy? He probably wants to intimidate you into not … Continue reading