Why women should put the toilet seat up!

Guys are always being told that they should put the toilet seat down, but it’s actually fairer if women put it up occasionally!

If you go to the toilet then the best situation is to find the seat in the right position for whatever you have planned. For a woman this means she always wants to find the seat down. A man sometimes wants to find it down, but more often wants to find it up.

If moving the seat takes a little bit of effort and we want to make sure that both the man and the woman are sharing the effort equally then what is the best course of action?

A woman is happiest if the man always puts the seat down as this means she will always find it how she wants it and will never have to move it. But for this to happen the man has to spend time putting the seat down when he has finished even though it might be him needing it up next and he will just put it back up again. When this happens it is a waste of time, so we should rule out that strategy (sorry ladies!)

If both the man and the woman leave the seat as it is when they have finished then the woman leaves it down which will be right for her if she is next to visit and may or may not be right for the guy. The guy will either leave it up or down, whoever is next to use the toilet may be lucky and find it in the right position, or they might have to move it. This is efficient because it doesn’t give us any extra toilet seat moves that just get undone at the next visit. It might be efficient but it is still biased to the woman because she only has to sometimes move the seat when she finds it up, the guy sometimes finds it down and has to put it up and sometimes finds it up and has to put it down. The guy ends up spending more effort moving the seat around than the woman does.

The fairest thing is for the seat to be in the right position for the guy as often as it is in the right position for the woman, so they both spend an equal amount of effort moving it up and down. For this to happen the guy has to find the seat up more often and the only way this can happen is if woman occasionally puts the seat up!

Depending on how often the two visit the toilet will change the result but it works out that women should put the seat up about one time in seven or one day a week to make it fair.

Let’s make Sunday ‘Seat up Sunday’, it’s only fair!

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4 Responses to Why women should put the toilet seat up!

  1. Randy Treibel says:

    Doesn’t this ignore the frequencies in which the position in which the seat is used for men as well as the fact that women go to the bathroom more often?

  2. oh dear says:

    Much as I would like what you say to be true, I do have to point out that it is all based on the very dubious assumption that it is “fair” to share the work of moving the seat when the only one person ever wants it up, it cannot be economically efective to make a woman “pay” in effort for the seat to be moved when the man is the one that wants variation in seat position.

    • Barry Hughes says:

      You are quite right that it is not ‘economically effective’ to make a woman pay in effort for moving the seat, just to make life easier for the man. I said that the most efficient system is just for everyone to leave the seat where it is and then no-one ever wastes any energy pointlessly moving it around. To make the amount of moving equal between both parties needs the woman to put the seat up occasionally but it leads to more effort being expended overall.

      And that’s before we consider the effort that would go into the extra arguments!

  3. Felix says:

    A better way to make it fair would be not to piss standing, unless you’re the one doing the cleaning 80%+ of the time.

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