Evolution and company size

Some people believe that bigger is better when it comes to business (and other things!).

We only have to look at nature to see that successful strategies don’t always involve being bigger. Success comes from being the right size and having the right characteristics to be successful.

Take the Triplewart Seadevil (it’s a type of anglerfish). The female of the species is much like you would expect a fish to be, they grow to about 30cm in length and look like this:

The male, on the other hand, only grows to about 3cm long. He is not even fully developed and has to attach himself to the female to survive. Once he has attached himself he will live off the female’s bloodstream and do little more than supply sperm to the female.

Although this doesn’t seem like the most exciting existence it is a successful strategy for the species. Males and females are very different sizes and play different roles in the same way that the right size for a business is not always bigger. Sometimes the speed that comes with being a smaller business can be a better strategy than being large.

Today’s takeaway: Make sure you are the right size to deliver your strategy, this may not be bigger if it makes you slower.

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