3 ways evolution can help your business

Evolution has shaped the way you are. Your instincts may stop you acting in your best interests.

Yesterday’s post explained why women are attracted to bad boys. It is because, while it may not be the best thing for the woman, it is the best thing to ensure the survival of her genes.

The same idea can be applied to business. Here are three examples:

More isn’t better

The caveman that brought home the most meat was the most successful. But the businessman who has the highest revenue may not be the most successful.

Stop chasing revenue over profit. Get rid of customers who don’t make you money.


We like to play games because we like to win, evolution has made us competitive.

Design games for your customers to take advantage of their competitive instincts.


Your ancestors who had the most material possessions were the most likely to have children. Their desire for material things has been passed on through the generations.

Make your products beautiful, not just functional.

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