When to call after a first date

When to call after a first date is an eternal problem, but today I can reveal the answer.

Let’s say that you have three options:

1 – call the next day;
2 – call after two days;
3 – call after three days

You can wait longer than three days if you really want to but let’s keep things simple.

Phoning too soon might seem desperate, waiting too long might make it look like you don’t care.

Whatever you do will send a message to your date, but the problem is that you don’t know how your date will interpret the message. Some dates will think that phoning the next day is fine and waiting three days is too long; others will think that phoning the next day is too soon and waiting three days is ok.

You need a strategy that gives you the best chance of doing the right thing and doesn’t give extra information to your date.

This is actually like Rock, Paper, Scissors, where there are three options and the best strategy is to randomize your choice. If you do anything other than playing randomly then your opponent might work out your pattern and then they will beat you.

Coming back to the dating question, the best strategy is also to randomize.

Next time you have a date, don’t worry about what to do, just roll a dice. If you get a 1 or 2 then phone the next day, a 3 or 4 then phone after two days and a 5 or 6 phone after 3 days. Problem solved!

Today’s takeaway: Randomizing your strategy prevents the other person from figuring out what you are up to.


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3 Responses to When to call after a first date

  1. Superman says:

    Haha I’m gonna try it out, great idea.

  2. heidi says:

    I hate it when a guy calls too late. The next day is fine. Chances are I won’t pick up the phone if he calls 3 days after. I’d be busy hanging out with friends or with the next date 😉

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